Disaster Recovery


What is the risk of abruptly shutting down the GenieACS server in the event of a power failure?

Corrupting your Mongo database?

Hi akcoder

In the worst case would it be possible to recover a database from scratch even without reinstalling genieacs?
If this were possible, would it imply any possible anomalous operation of the previously connected devices?

I apologize for the delay in replying.


What we do here is to backup the entire virtual machine (We are an ISP). Over 4k of customers. If you are not using a virtual machine I recommend going that route. Also putting your ACS on a VLAN.

We did had a situation a few months ago when a malware hit our data-center and entire virtual machines were lost. Recovery was not a problem except for the loss of time. Of course our ACS was hit as well. Worst case scenario a few CPE got provisioned twice. Not a real problem.

Also during the past year I have reinstalled genieacs from scratch (to upgrade a new version among other things) and then restored a mongodb backup. Everything worked as expected.

Also, the way I see it, as long as you have a copy of your presets, provisions and extensions you should be able to reinstall from scratch without having to restore mongodb. Sure it will be a pain to have all those CPE to re provisioned again, but it’s a one-time thing.

@rudymartin said everything I would have.

The solution of restoring GenieACS with backup copies of presets, provisions and extensions I would prefer.
I would like to avoid using virtual machines precisely because in case of compromise the risk is high…