Converting Bytes to Megabytes

I want to convert bytes to megabytes or gigabytes.
I have done it for one label using virtual parameter.
In virtual parameter, I have converted megabytes from bytes.

let bytes = declare(“InternetGatewayDevice.LANDevice.1.WLANConfiguration.1.TotalBytesSent”, {value:});

let data= 0
let giga= Math.floor(data/ (1000 * 1000 * 1000));
let gigabytes= giga + “MB”;
return {writable: false, value: gigabytes};

-label: " ’ Total ’ "
parameter : VirtualParameters.bytes_megabytes.
and it is working
But problem is ,I have got 3 label (sent, received and total) in device page and 2 label in Index page where parameter return bytes.

So any suggestion for it .
So that I don’t have to create virtual parameter for each label.

At this time, you would need to create three different vparams, one for each value you want converted from bytes to mb.

Thank You Much