Change Web Gui Credentials for TP-Link Archer C5

I am searching the param to change password for the Web Config page. Have some of you tried to do it on TP-Links? Do you have some tips to find the correct path to param?

If the vendor exposes it at all, it will be under an X_ parameter. You will need to refresh the data model for the entire device. Then search the params for words like login/username.

Zyxel exposes it under Device.X_ZYXEL_LoginCfg.LogGp.Account.{i}. while the SmartRGs I have use InternetGatewayDevice.X_BROADCOM_COM_LoginCfg.AdminPassword


I’m looking for the same thing. I did find:

When I retrieved the value initially, it appeared to have a password that didn’t work, but after I set it, it did work.