Authentication failure after upgrade to latest version, but CPE is on-boarded

Hi all, i upgrade our ACS from 1.2.3 to latest 1.2.8, now in the log file i can see a lot of Authentication failure, but if i look at the cpe i see that it’s onboarded and also i can change the parameters.
How can i fix it ?

In the debug file i’ve a lot of 401 error like this one:

event: incoming HTTP request
timestamp: 2022-01-15T21:14:38.566Z
remoteAddress: “”
deviceId: 6032B1-IGD-6032B1A0CC06
connection: 2022-01-15T21:14:38.566Z
localPort: 7547
method: POST
url: /
user-agent: TR069_AGENT/1.0
content-length: “2483”
connection: keep-alive
content-type: text/xml; charset=utf-8
authorization: Digest username=“USERNAME”, realm=“GenieACS”, qop=“aut”, algorithm=“MD5”, uri="/", nonce=“57f5d5d55879a5d05b1e98667cdc8d45”, nc=00000004, c
nonce=“58dde74d9b47ca4f8e410cb170dd47dc”, response=“eda74fbbbafaa33dcce6fefb99180085”
soapaction: “”
body: >

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

event: outgoing HTTP response
timestamp: 2022-01-15T21:14:38.567Z
remoteAddress: “”
deviceId: 6032B1-IGD-6032B1A0CC06
connection: 2022-01-15T21:14:38.566Z
statusCode: 401
content-length: 12
www-authenticate: Digest realm=“GenieACS”,qop=“auth,auth-int”,nonce=“2490ab81b3ae2559d8f93ee69f73ab82”
body: Unauthorized