Archer c64 not getting device information

Hello, could you please help me I’m trying to make the query from the geniacs server to a tp-link archer c64 router and I don’t get information: curl -i ‘http://localhost:7557/devices/?query={% 22_id%22%3A%2230DE4B-Archer%20C64-30DE4BAFBD25%22%7D’
If I make the query by MAC if I get information: {“_id”:“30DE4B-Archer%20C64-30DE4BAFBD24”,“_deviceId”:{“_Manufacturer”:“TP-Link”,“_OUI”:“30DE4B”,“_ProductClass “:“Archer C64”,”_SerialNumber”:“30DE4BAFBD24”},“_lastBootstrap”:“2023-05-04T19:35:26.550Z”,“_lastInform”:“2023-05-05T01:55:00.449Z”, “_registered”:“2023-04-27T20:30:05.056Z”
I want to make the query by device id: 30DE4B-Archer%20C64-30DE4BAFBD24 Could you please help me what could be happening? Thank you