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Hi everyone, I got problem when to show Optical Signal and Distance of ONT (GPON Device) on ACS, who can tell me why and fix it. Tks

You will need to provide a lot more information about what it is you are trying to accomplish. Screenshots would be beneficial too.

Are You want to display this parameters on device page or You set this but it didn’t display?

If You answer yes on first then You need to check where You CPE send this parameters. Just refresh entire tree InternetGatewayDevice or Device and try to find RxPower, TxPower, Distance and other parameters You want.
Not all You can find. I think distance are only available on OLT device not CPE, because i think CPE can’t calculate this value.

For example path for RxPower for Huawei InternetGatewayDevice.WANDevice.1.X_GponInterafceConfig.RXPower
If i understood correctly parameters with X_ at beginning are custom parameters set by vendor.

It seems to me like you misunderstood what akcoder said.


It also would be to your benefit to read the entire page, not just the section I am linking.

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Hi … I have service with ONUs … but I can’t see full parameter about my CPE ONUs.
I’m a beginner in this software …

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Hi friend, where you get this parameter ?

Just xplored thru

All parameters

Necromancy is frowned upon. Please create your own forum post.