Run Genieacs 1.2.5 version

After installed Genieacs 1.2.5 version and running it using ( sudo /usr/bin/genieacs-ui --ui-jwt-secret secret) every thing working fine and I can access to the Genieacs GUI.
The problem that when I close the server shell window, the Genieacs GUI become down and i will had to write the command ( sudo /usr/bin/genieacs-ui --ui-jwt-secret secret) again …
So how I can make the server stay running?

After close the sever shell window,

Thanks in advance …

You could use the “screen” command (or “tmux”) which give you a terminal session that is not hooked up to the ssh session. This will happen to any command that you run from the command line, so it’s not just genieacs that you’ll have this happen. That’s just how linux works.

You can create a service script to get the OS to start it at boot time, too. You’ll have to read up on how to do that.

It is possible to run it as a service, that is described in the installation guide.

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best option: use systemd and run it like a service as this will respawn the process in case it crashes.

alternatively you can execute the command in the background and redirecting the output streams:
sudo /usr/bin/genieacs-ui --ui-jwt-secret secret >/dev/null 2>&1 &
or do the same with nohup:
sudo nohup /usr/bin/genieacs-ui --ui-jwt-secret secret &

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