Possibility to change multiple values


Does it possible to change multiple values in existing instance in one query?

It is possible to set multiple values when instance is created.

For ex. I want update InternetGatewayDevice.LANDevice.1.LANHostConfigManagement node set MinAddress, MaxAddress, DNSServers in same time with same request. Does it possible?

You probably need to let us know what version and how you are access the ACS. Via the web ui? Via API? The answer changes depending on how you access the ACS.

Recently upgraded to GenieACS 1.2.7.

I want to update multiple values of existing instance using provisioning script. For ex. I want set WIFI SSID, Preshared Key, Channel number using single time declare function. Does it possible?

Yes, same way you do Question regarding creating multiple instances - #9 by akcoder

Its important to note that GenieACS batches everything up. So if your script has 5 different declare's setting the various WiFi params, only 1 connection will be made to the CPE, and all the params will be set in one SetParameterValue (as long as the number of parameters doesn’t exceed the batch size).