Installation in ubuntu 16.04.1 or 18.06

I tried to install genieacs latest version from source code. After run the below command its show some error
#npm run build

Please see the attachment

We had to install Node.js from the NodeSource repo instead of using the built in NodeJS:

Hello mjducharme,
Thank you for your support. I had set up successfully genieacs with the latest version and my device is shown online but when I commit any action it shows the device is offline and the commit doesn’t execute successfully. what actually happened in here? Are any changes need to the core file?

I see in your screenshot, GenieACS says “pinging unreachable” - is the device separated from GenieACS by a NAT? Can you ping from the GenieACS server itself?

My device is separated from GenieACS, which means the device and GenieACS do not exist in the same network, that’s why ping is not reachable from How can I commit to different network devices from GenieACS?


First, it is ideal if GenieACS can have some kind of routing to the device itself, so you might look at your network architecture for that. If you are just doing NAT to simplify your routing, it is better to actually set up proper routing if you do not need NAT in place between your servers and your devices. However, it may not be possible if it is, for example, a device behind a customer’s NAT router.

There are a few ways of dealing with that. First, if the GenieACS server has IPv6 and the customer device has IPv6, they will both have global addresses and it will be possible for the GenieACS server to contact the individual device with its IPv6 address. The second option is that you can use XMPP, if the device supports it as part of its TR069 functionality. The third option is to only use presets and provisions for configuring the device. Scheduled presets and provisions will still trigger and run and do things - the inability to contact the device directly only prevents you from making live manual changes to a device.

Could you give me the commercial support for GenieACS, if you can do then I describe my requirement?

I follow your instruction to install GenieACS old version, but it automatically install GenieACS latest version and when I start GenieACS it shows the attachment error. But previously I successfully install the GenieACS older version on ubuntu 16.04